Program Overview

Derry Early Education Program

The Derry Early Education Program (DEEP) is an inclusive early childhood program designed to provide high quality programming to all children. The program utilizes an inclusion model (typically developing children and those who require an individualized education plan) and a team approach to incorporate all disciplines to meet the needs of each individual learner. The program offers a language rich, multi-sensory environment in which children engage in developmentally appropriate activities and learning experiences that support and enhance each child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Children who meet the New Hampshire standards for special education are eligible to attend the Derry Early Education Program without charge.


Gilbert H. Hood Middle School picture

Programs are held in a space designed specifically for preschool education located at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School.

School Day Schedule

AM Session: 8:30-11:00am

PM Session: 12:20-2:50pm

During the school year, our 3 year old preschool students will learn to:

  • Follow simple directions
  • Answer who and what questions
  • Identify their name
  • Count up to 10
  • Identify basic shapes and colors
  • Wait for a turn
  • Ask for help
  • Understand concepts such as under, top, more/less, etc.
  • Participate in a group activities
  • Follow routines
  • Engage in pretend play
  • Draw straight lines and circles
  • Express themselves using simple sentences
  • Coordinate movements to perform gross motor tasks

During the school year, our 4 year old students will learn to:

  • Follow multi-step directions
  • Answer who, what, where and when questions
  • Count up to 10 items
  • Sort objects into groups
  • Count up to 20
  • Manage belongings
  • Attempt to solve problems
  • Identify colors and shapes
  • Cut along a line using scissors
  • Understand concepts such as equal to, less than, greater than
  • Take turns with others
  • Ask for help
  • Have conversations
  • Participate in group activities
  • Demonstrate understanding of basic print concepts
  • Follow classroom rules and routines
  • Coordinate movements to perform gross motor tasks