ENGAGE New Hampshire

Graduation Alliance

What is ENGAGE New Hampshire?

The New Hampshire Department of Education and the Derry Cooperative School District has partnered with Graduation Alliance to provide an extra layer of support for students and their families to boost school engagement and academic success during the school year.

Students who choose to participate in the program will be assigned an Academic Success Coach who will answer questions, connect them with resources, and develop a plan to help the student stay on track and engaged with their schooling.

How does it work?

Coaches reach out to students by phone, email, text message, and more to provide support such as:

  • Encouragement and motivation to help students stay on track with their studies
  • Organization and study tips
  • Educational resources and exercises to help strengthen reading and math skills
  • Referrals to local nonprofit organizations that can provide support with life’s challenges

What does it cost?

ENGAGE New Hampshire is state-funded and completely free to students.

How is the Derry Cooperative School District involved?

School administrators from Gilbert H. Hood Middle School and West Running Brook Middle School are working to identify students who may need additional support. These families will be contacted, first by the school and then by members of the ENGAGE New Hampshire team, to begin a partnership to support their students.

What if I haven’t been contacted but I want to opt in? How do I sign up?

Go to RegisterNH.GraduationAlliance.com, call 603.399.5403, or email EngageNH@GraduationAlliance.com to get started.