The Derry School Board is very proud of its school volunteers and their years of service to the schools and students of Derry. The Derry Cooperative School District considers all volunteers to be Designated Volunteers. Our staff and students benefit from these dedicated individuals. The Derry Cooperative School District welcomes individuals who wish to donate their time to the schools. The School District realizes that we must take every precaution to ensure the safety of our students and staff. With the best interest of our children in mind, we have initiated the following requirements for individuals wishing to come into the schools to volunteer their time and talents:

  • Any Derry resident must register at their school office. We encourage volunteers to offer their services to the school assigned to the district of residence. If you register for one school, you are then registered for the other schools you sign up for at that time.
  • Nonresidents who wish to become a school volunteer must be interviewed by the building principal or designee. Nonresident volunteers must have a Derry resident “volunteer” sponsor who will support the nonresident’s volunteer application.
  • All volunteers must agree to comply with the Regulations supporting District policy. (RE: IJOC-R)