Strategic Plan Process

Picture of SAU 10 building with words "Future is Now"

The  Future Is Now

In order to build on the success of our 2024-2030 strategic plan, Derry Cooperative School District is embarking on the work of imagining the future of our district and developing the specific actions that we will take to make that future a reality. Your participation is an important part of that process.

Collaboration and Voice

We are working with G&D Associates, our newest partner, to engage our community and gather your voice to inform the next strategic plan through:

•A future-focused community survey

•Focus groups and community forums that will include our students, families, staff members, community members, and local partners

•Multiple feedback opportunities during the process through our district committees

Your voice will be a part of ensuring that the district’s Deep Learning work continues and evolves to ensure all students excel in character, citizenship, collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking so that they may positively impact the future. 

More information will be coming soon!