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Image of a hiker climbing a hill planting a flag. Derry Cooperative School District Forward Bound

The Derry Cooperative School District proudly introduces Forward Bound: Derry's Education Vision, a visionary facilities campaign aimed at revitalizing our educational infrastructure. Committed to providing a top-tier learning environment, the district is embarking on a journey to replace and repair aging facilities, optimize classroom spaces, and enhance instructional delivery. This ambitious endeavor involves consolidating two elementary buildings into a cutting-edge facility and realigning grade configurations from K-5 to K-4 elementary schools, fostering a more focused and engaging educational experience. Furthermore, the campaign includes a significant overhaul of the middle school system, transitioning from two 6-8 middle schools to a more cohesive model comprising one 5-6 intermediate school and one 7-8 middle school. Addressing critical maintenance issues, Forward Bound introduces a three-phase program spanning five years, tackling leaking roofs, floor replacements, and casement problems. Embracing change, the campaign acknowledges that rezoning will be an essential part of this transformation, ensuring an efficient and equitable distribution of educational resources across our district. Forward Bound represents our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring a brighter future for all students. In this area you will find information regarding the Restructuring Process, the Rezoning Process, the 5 year 3 phase Maintenance Plan, and information regarding the construction of a new approximately 600 pupil K-4 Elementary School Building. If you have any questions regarding anything on these pages, please feel free to contact members of the district administration at 603-432-2410 or a school board member.

Superintendent's Message

Dear Families, students, staff, and other community members:

I am happy to introduce the Derry Cooperative School District’s Forward Bound:

Derry's Education Vision website. As your Superintendent, I am deeply committed to providing the best possible learning environment for our students. This new website represents a significant step toward that goal. By restructuring, replacing, and repairing our aging facilities, optimizing classroom spaces, and enhancing instructional delivery, we are ensuring a more focused and engaging educational experience for our students.

The realignment of grade configurations and consolidation of two elementary buildings into a new, modern facility will foster a more efficient and equitable learning environment for all students. Additionally, our comprehensive three-phase maintenance program over the next five years will address critical issues, ensuring the safety and comfort of everyone in our school community.

I want to express my gratitude for your support as we embark on this journey. Change is never easy, but it is necessary for growth. By embracing these changes, we are securing a brighter future for our students. Rest assured, the rezoning process has been handled with care, ensuring a seamless transition for all.

Thank you for being an essential part of the DCSD community. Together, we are creating a legacy of excellence for generations to come.


Austin Garofalo, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Derry Cooperative School District



Restructuring and New School Questions and Answers

Administrative Updates

School Board Presentations:

The following presentations were delivered to the school board to initialize the current facilities campaign.

Prior Studies:

  • Facilities Committee Archive (2020-2023)